How Do Vape Pens Work?

Nov 17th 2019

Vaping continues to grow in popularity due to several reasons, among which are its ease of use, discreet manner, and mostly because it is considered a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.The … read more
LA Brand Spotlight - ClaimeDefame Clothing

LA Brand Spotlight - ClaimeDefame Clothing

Posted by Cody on Oct 16th 2019

As a Los Angeles based company we are constantly on the lookout for new up and coming brands in the area. This week we want to show some love to the guys over at Claim Defame for their rece … read more

How to Identify an Illegitimate Vape

Posted by Cody on Sep 13th 2019

How to Identify an illegitimate vapeVapes are becoming increasingly popular, and the global vape industry is now worth nearly $23 Billion. Unfortunately, as the vape industry continues to grow, so d … read more

The Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Posted by Cody on Aug 28th 2019

The Benefits Of Ceramic Vape CartridgesAs vaping is becoming more common and widely accepted, it is continuing to see advancements in technology. The new technologies have led to the emergence of ne … read more

Can You Bring Your Vape on a Plane?

Posted by Cody on Aug 28th 2019

Can You Bring Your Vape on A Plane?There are many laws and regulations in regards to vaping, and the airport is no different! As it stands, only a few countries worldwide have regulated vaping; whil … read more