Sustainable Vape Packaging Ideas

Posted by Cody on Dec 12th 2021

Plastic has been our go to source of packaging for decades. It is sturdy, lightweight, and cheap to produce. However, there is no getting away from the fact that the waste and litter it produces damag … read more

How to Calculate the Strength of a Tincture

Posted by Cody on Dec 12th 2021

Tinctures are an increasingly popular way to take THC and CBD products. The high concentration of cannabis in tinctures means that you can have an entire dose in a single drop, taking away all the has … read more

Vape 101: Troubleshooting A Vape Cartridge

Posted by Cody on Dec 10th 2021

When it comes to vaping one of the most irritating and prominent issues you may face is the cartridge clogging or just not working. These are very common problems in all vape cartridges so don’t worry … read more