Which Atomizer is best for your vape oil!? (Fiber Glass Coil, Quartz, Ceramic, Cotton)

Posted by Cody on Jul 17th 2020

If you truly want to maximize the flavor of your vape oil, it is essential that your vape has a high quality atomizer that best suits your oil. After all, you could have the best tasting vape oil in the world, but if you have a low-quality atomizer, your tropical punch flavor could come out tasting more like black tar. Today we are going to discuss the different classes of atomizers. In particular, we will review fiberglass coil, quartz, ceramic, and cotton atomizers.

Fiberglass Coils

Fiberglass coils are mostly a thing of the past. It didn’t take long for the industry to learn that making coils from fiberglass was a health hazard, and most fiber glass coils were recalled or taken off the shelf.

Quartz Coils

There are two types of quartz coils (quartz rod and regular quartz), but they both have similar qualities. A quartz rod coil consists of a titanium ring wrapped around a rod of quartz. Quartz coils are popular because they can reach extremely high temperatures. Because of this, they can generate larger smoke clouds. Additionally, the high heat allows for quartz coils to generate stronger, harsher hits. For this reason, quartz coils are mostly used by experienced vapors. A downside of quartz coils is that they run through the battery quicker since they generate much higher temperatures. Additionally, quartz coils can be a bit harder to maintain because excess liquid can get stuck inside. We still recommend quartz coils if you are looking for a strong hit.

Ceramic Coils

Ceramic coils are slowly becoming the standard for vape atomizers. Although ceramic coils take a bit longer to heat up, the ceramic is a great retainer of heat, meaning it uses less power from the battery for each hit. The biggest advantage of ceramic coils is that they produce the purest taste of all the vape oils. This is because ceramic is a clean metal that doesn’t alter the taste of the e liquid when it is heated up. Additionally, the slow heat up time leads to a much less burnt taste. Compared to quartz coils, ceramic coils are easier to clean because less excess oil will get stuck on its surface. Ceramic coils are used by vapers of all levels. The only downside of the ceramic coils is that the smoke clouds might be a little less powerful compared to those produced by quartz coils.

Cotton Wick Coils

Cotton wick coils are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They used to be much more popular when they used consistently in e-cigarettes. The reason they are becoming out of date is because they produce inconsistent temperatures. This leads to an inconsistent taste of your vape, which is obviously a downside. An advantage of cotton wick coils is that they are in general usually the cheapest type of coil. That being said, we still recommend using either a quartz or ceramic coil.