Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking?

Posted by Cody on Dec 30th 2021

That incessant blinking. But why? Those flashing lights on vape pens typically exist to alert you of a potential issue. In this article, we go through the possible reasons why your vape pen is blinking and ways to troubleshoot. 

Has your vape pen suddenly decided to start blinking? It’s been working well until now but you have no clue what the LED is trying to indicate. Do not panic. There could be several minor reasons behind the blinking. You shouldn’t ignore the blinking either. 

The issue may be something you can fix in seconds. A minor problem that can be quickly fixed allowing you to return to your vaping and your conversation. In worst-case scenarios, the blinking is something more serious. Knowing what the blinking means could save you time and stress.

Most vape pens cannot provide detailed explanations of their issues. They rely on colored flashing lights or a series of blinks as their means of communicating a problem. Different vape pens will also blink for different problems. Read on to learn why your vape pen is blinking and how you can rectify the issue. 

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking?

The most common reasons are a low battery or a loose battery. However, if charging the battery and tightening it doesn't solve the issue, it may be due to one of the following issues: Long hits, Activation button is stuck, the pod is not installed properly, low liquid, a short circuit, or atomizer resistance. 

Low Battery

Usually, the most obvious reason is the correct one. If you have had your vape pen out for a while then the blinking could be telling you that it is time to recharge the battery.

Loose Battery

The battery could also be loose. This would result in the vape pen blinking almost as soon as you turn it on. Without being able to fully charge the battery, the blinking will repeat when you plug in the vape pen or try to fire it. Check the battery and try to ensure a good connection. You could also use a cotton swab to lightly brush the contact tips. If you leave your vape pen in a jacket pocket or in a bag then any dust or lint getting inside is likely to disrupt its functionality.

Long Hits

The blinking may be a warning that your hits are too long. Every time you take a hit, the liquid is vaporized by the heating coil. Too long a hit and there is less time to soak up the liquid. This can also occur if your hits are too quick. The simple solution is just to give your vape pen a rest. You could also check if the tank can allow for a heating coil with larger airflow holes. These would allow even more liquid into the heating coil allowing you a longer hit.

Stuck Activation Button

The blinking may simply be telling you that the vape pen is struggling to get started. If the activation button is stuck in a slightly pushed position then you can fix it quite easily. If you hold the activation button down too long this can occasionally happen. Grab a cotton swab and lightly clean the button and the surrounding area until the blinking stops.

Mis-installed Vape Pod

Even the most experienced of vape pen users can misalign the vape pod. If nothing is coming out the vape pen is likely unable to detect the pod. Check if the pod is fully inserted and that should solve the problem, and the blinking.

Low Liquid

A simple explanation for the blinking could be that the e-liquid is running low. Before it runs out, this is a signal that it is time to grab some more of your favorite flavors.

Connection Problem

If the heating coil cannot connect with the battery then you may see some blinking. Check the connection itself and determine if it’s clean and secure. If the blinking continues, try to pair the battery with a different heating coil or tank. Your vape pen is still blinking? You may have to replace the tank or the heating coil. It’s still blinking? You might have to replace the battery.

Short Circuit

You’ve hit the fire button but no vape? A short circuit in the tank would also be a good reason for the lights to start blinking. This could be down to a dirty or weak connection which can short the circuits. This can be resolved by cleaning the connector with a cotton swab and ensuring the connection is free of dust and any leakage.

Atomizer Resistance

The atomizer resistance is how a vape pen determines the amount of vapor produced and the vapor temperature. Low resistance atomizers can produce more vapor quicker and hotter. If the atomizer resistance is too low, the vape pen may even shut down. Just wait a while then turn it back on.

Some vape pens will blink to let you know that the atomizer resistance is higher than 2.5 ohms and lower than 0.1 ohms. In either case, you would not be getting the desired hits.

Incorrect Components

Vape pens are produced by several different companies. No two are exactly the same and the components may be incompatible with your vape pen. One such example for blinking is if the replacement heating coil you have installed has too low a resistance. There are two potential solutions: you can upgrade the part to fit your pen or purchase a different coil.

Final Thoughts

There could be several reasons why your vape pen has suddenly started blinking. Most of these issues can be resolved quite quickly. 

If you do carry your vape pen with you, perhaps carry it in a separate bag to protect it from dust. Or simply carry cotton swabs so you can clean the vape pen quickly when issues arise.

The blinking could also be telling you that the vape pen needs a rest. Changing your vaping style or switching components could be a simple solution to a long-standing issue.