​Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Posted by Cody on Aug 13th 2019

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Have you ever taken a long puff from your vape, and instead of a tasty and soothing vapor, you get a burnt taste and a painful hit to your throat which leaves you coughing immediately? If your answer is yes, you have probably experienced a burnt hit.

Burnt hits can be quite awful. Almost every vaper, regardless of whether they are experts or new to vaping have at one time or the other experienced a burnt hit.

Is A Burnt Hit The Same As A Dry Hit?

Though both terms are often used interchangeably by most people, they are different phenomena; a burnt hit is different from a dry hit. They both might share a similarity as being unpleasant, but one is far less intense than the other. Dry hits typically occur once your coil wicks begin to get dry. You can detect a dry hit when you get less flavor from your vape, and the amount of vapor you exhale has noticeably diminished. If you continue vaping on the dry coils, those dry hits you are getting will suddenly evolve to a burnt hit.

Why You Vape Has a Burnt Taste

Burnt hits primarily happen because you powered on the atomizer on your vape when the wicks are dry and when there is no liquid to vaporize, the coils begin to burn the wick, causing you to inhale burnt cotton.

There are several reasons why you are having burnt hits and knowing them is the first step to preventing it. Your vape tastes burnt because:

  • You did not prime your coils properly: Priming a coil entails wetting the wick wound around the coil with e-juice directly and ensuring that it is well-saturated with the liquid before you begin vaping. It is best practice to prime a new coil or one that has been out of use for a long while.
  • You could be chain vaping: Taking too many puffs in a row will dry up your wick really quick. Often a slight burning taste will signal a burnt hit. Once you sense that, it is time to keep your vape aside for a while to allow the vape juice to soak up the dry spots on the wick before you continue vaping.
  • You are vaping at high wattages: When you vape at a wattage range that exceeds the limits of your coil, the e-juice will vaporize too fast, causing the coils to burn the wicks without any juice on it. It is best practice to vape within the recommended wattage ranges.

How to Prime Your Coil

  • Unscrew the tank base of your vape to expose the coil head.
  • Squeeze in a drop of e-juice on the visible wicking material on the openings on each side of the coil.
  • Drip in enough e-juice on the exposed wick from the top of the coil head to saturate the wick.
  • Re-assemble the tank and fill it with e-juice.
  • Without turning on the atomizer, take a few draws to pull in more juice on to the coil.
  • Close the airflow and wait a few minutes before vaping.

Having learned the various reasons why your vape tastes burnt, and how to avoid them, it is now time to try them out and vape on without burnt hits.