Vape Trends, then and now! And What's coming next?

Posted by Cody on Jul 17th 2020

As you are probably well aware, the vape industry is constantly expanding and evolving day by day. New trends in vaping are constantly being set. These trends typically strive to provide more convenient and healthier smoking experiences. Today we are going to review some of the newest trends in vaping and what is coming next.

Full Ceramic Cartridges

You may have noticed that there are more and more ceramic cartridges hitting the market. This is by no accident. After it was discovered that some vape devices contained dangerous levels of lead, vape producers quickly looked for alternative. It seems that many have settled upon using ceramic for cartridges, as ceramic is still strong and malleable but does not negatively affect your health.

LCD screens

As the design of vapes are constantly evolving, so are the settings and features. Nowadays, there are more and more vapes that feature small LCD screens. These screens allow you to easily change the settings on your vape, such as the temperature or strength of the smoke. Additionally, some of the newer LCD screens show the battery parameter to show how much life your battery has left before you need to recharge it.

Battery Life

As you might expect, vape manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to advance battery technology. Today, there are some vape batteries that have energy storage capacity of 2,600 mAh. These batteries can last an entire day of smoking before they have to be recharged.

SCAR Series

There are a new series of vape mods that are quite literally changing the game. The newest vapes in the SCAR series are shock resistant and water proof, putting a new meaning to the word durable. Made with a leather and zinc alloy frame, the SCAR series also have an LCD screen that makes the vape very modern and stylish. The vape is also very lightweight at only 100 grams.


Yes, AI as in Artificial Intelligence is likely to enter the vape industry very soon. It was recently reported that JUUL has filed for the patent of an AI technology that is said to help users that are trying to quit nicotine. The new vape supposedly works by the vaporizer alternating between releasing nicotine and citric acid. Through machine learning, the vape will gradually release more and more citric acid and less nicotine as the user becomes more accustomed to the change. Supposedly, the machine learning will develop by being in constant communication with the users iPhone application. As someone uses the vape more and more, it will further help develop their profile on the application and thus help the vape know when to release more or less nicotine. As with any sort of AI technology, there are many laws and regulations that a product must make it through before being released. Although it may take another couple years for this sort of technology to hit the market, it could certainly be a game changer for those who are trying to quit cigarettes.