The Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Posted by Cody on Aug 28th 2019

The Benefits Of Ceramic Vape Cartridges

As vaping is becoming more common and widely accepted, it is continuing to see advancements in technology. The new technologies have led to the emergence of new vaping products (both consumables and hardware) in the market and it is often hard to keep up with all the trends!

One of these technological breakthroughs in recent years is the ceramic vape cartridge. This breed of vape cartridges utilizes ceramic coils for vaporizing the e-juice, which is different from traditional vaping devices which feature metal coils wrapped in cotton wicking material which is responsible for drawing the oil to the heating element where it is vaporized.

Undoubtedly, the ceramic vape pens were created to resolve some of the drawbacks of the cotton-based cartridges, like the oxidation of the metal coils and the spit-back effect experienced with the traditional vape cartridges.

Ceramic Coils Vs. Metal Coils

The significant difference between the ceramic coils and the traditional wire coils is evident in their construction. While the ceramic coils do not have wicks wrapped around them, the conventional vape cartridges feature metal coils wrapped in the cotton wick. In place of coils wicked with cotton, ceramic coils are constructed of a ceramic layer made with a specific porosity to allow oils diffuse through it to deliver a more consistent and high-quality vapor. It is important to note, however, that some ceramic coils are a hybrid of cotton wick and ceramic, with the fiber either sandwiched between or wrapped around the ceramic.

Another essential difference between the two is that while the metal coils heat up faster than ceramic, the latter offers more superior heat retention.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coils

Ceramic coils offer several advantages compared to the traditional metal coils. Provided below are some of the benefits of ceramic coils:

Better Flavor: The porous nature of ceramic allows it to absorb more e-juice, which is vaporized with each draw. And because ceramics are now made with high-grade clay, they are pure and without any contaminants that would react with vape juice flavor. Thus, a pure and high-quality taste is delivered with each hit.

Optimum Resilience: Ceramic is known to have a high level of resistance to heat. Hence, a ceramic coil will not damage under high temperature and it is extremely durable.

High Adaptability: Ceramic coils allow for convenient use of more viscous (thicker) vaping juice, compared to the cotton wicked coil cartridges.

No Burnt Taste: Using a ceramic vape cartridge, reduces the chance of you experiencing the burnt taste that comes with a dry hit as most ceramic cartridges have no cotton to burn even if a dry hit occurs.

Overall, the evolvement of ceramic vape cartridges is a massive development in the vape industry as it is an improvement in the failings of the standard cotton-based cartridges. Check out our selection of top quality ceramic cartridges!