How to Identify an Illegitimate Vape

Posted by Cody on Sep 13th 2019

How to Identify an illegitimate vape

Vapes are becoming increasingly popular, and the global vape industry is now worth nearly $23 Billion. Unfortunately, as the vape industry continues to grow, so does the number of illegitimate vape manufacturers and distributors. This is problematic, as many of these counterfeiters do not follow proper procedures to test the quality of their products.

The vape community has been left with many questions after dozens of people across the country were hospitalized in recent weeks due to lung illness caused by vapes and e-cigarettes. This has left many people questioning the health risks of vaping, and in particular, how to identify an illegitimate vape?

The oils for vape cartridges are created through a distillation process, which breaks down the oil molecules and forms strong concentrations of the compound you are vaping. The most common health risk associated with illegitimate vapes are oil cartridges that are not distilled properly, and end up containing unsafe levels of pesticides. Additionally, there have been reports of non-verified vape manufacturers making products with extra lead that melts into the vapor oil. To avoid counterfeit vape products that could cause serious health problems, we recommend taking the following precautions.

Although it is extremely difficult to tell what components are inside of the oil without lab testing it (all of our cartridges are 3rd party tested!), there are certain steps you can take to make sure you are getting quality vapes.

How to make sure you’re getting quality vapes

  • Never buy from street vendors: Street vendors that do not hold the proper license to distribute vape products are notorious for selling counterfeit vapes that are harmful. In one of the recent hospitalizations of vape users, the patient admitted to buying a vape off the street right before he fell into a coma (
  • Some of the vape industries most popular brands have reported many instances of their products being sold by counterfeit vendors. These fake cartridges are sold with their brand and logo labels on the product. The best way to spot one of these counterfeits is if the cartridge is way below market price. This is usually a red flag that the seller is not an authorized retailer of the product, and is simply putting counterfeit oil into the cartridges. Some of the big name brands are starting to post lists of the authorized retailers on their websites, which we definitely recommend looking at.

Best Practices to avoid dangerous vapes

  • When buying vape cartridges online, it is important to ensure that the product is being sold by a licensed retailer. Most websites will have their license on the main page or about us page.
  • When you purchase a vape in person, make sure it is labeled with the manufacturer’s info along with lab results. The lab results should be performed by a third party. Some new vape products are labeled with unique tracking numbers or QR codes which you can scan and view the ingredients and lab test results.

Although there are still many unknowns related to the long-term health effects of vaping, the danger of untested and counterfeit vapes are obvious. We strongly recommend taking the precautions suggested in this article in order mitigate your chances of health problems.