Can You Bring Your Vape on a Plane?

Posted by Cody on Aug 28th 2019

Can You Bring Your Vape on A Plane?

There are many laws and regulations in regards to vaping, and the airport is no different! As it stands, only a few countries worldwide have regulated vaping; while some nations have outrightly banned vaping, others have only placed some restrictions or left it up to smaller municipalities to decide. In the United States, the process of regulating vaping has been evolving over the years. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated that all e-cigarette products be regulated the same way as tobacco products. Therefore, vaping is prohibited in places or venues where the smoking of regular cigarettes is not allowed.

Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the ban of e-cigarettes in indoor or enclosed spaces, given the potential exposure of non-users to harmful substances. Hence, vaping while in flight is clearly against the law but there are still ways in which you can travel with your vape.

Taking A Vape On A Plane

Although you are not allowed to use your vape device while flying, you are permitted to take it with you on your journey. However, there are several guidelines for taking your vaporizer and the vape liquid on a plane safely. Read on to learn about them:

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security, requires that all vape devices are never checked in; instead, they must be packed in the carry-on baggage.
  • Though you are allowed to keep your vaporizer close to you, being packed in your carry-on, you are banned from vaping while in flight. Note that no form of vaping is permitted in a plane, so taking to stealth vaping will not be a wise choice as you can be spotted and reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Some rules also apply to taking your vape liquid with you on an airplane. You are allowed to bring your vape juice on a plane in a carry-on, provided that it is contained in a bottle that is not larger than 100ml (3.4 ounces). Smaller quantities can be held in transparent liquid bags, and quantities larger than 100ml must be packed in your checked baggage. Also, if you have some liquid in your vape device, you can detach (assuming it is detachable) the cartridge or place the entire vaporizer into the liquids bag where you have your vape liquid.
  • Due to concerns about lithium batteries exploding while in mid-air, Transport Security requires that all vape batteries are also packed in carry-on bags. A safer move would be to pack your batteries in a battery case to keep them away from any object that could ignite them accidentally starting a fire.

The guides provided above apply only to travels across the United States. Do not forget that different countries have various laws and regulations on vaping, and it is even illegal in some countries. Thus, if you are traveling internationally, you must research the laws of the country you are going to, in order to avoid violating their regulations and landing yourself a lawsuit or in deeper legal trouble.