Best websites for vape hardware

Posted by Cody on Jul 17th 2020

Best websites for vape hardware

With the coronavirus refusing to go away, and cities nationwide still on lockdown, thousands of vape hardware stores have been forced to close their doors. While this is certainly less than ideal, there is still no need to panic. Most of the vape hardware online stores are still up and running. For this reason, we have decided to make a list and review of the best websites for vape hardware.

Vapor DNA

From vape juices, kits, pod systems, to vape bars, Vapor DNA has one of the widest vape portfolios on the internet. They also have a wide collection of CBD products if that is more your speed. As far as vape hardware, Vapor DNA has replacement coil packs, mesh coil vape tanks, and a wide selection of vape batteries. The coolest part about the Vapor DNA website is their “What’s new” section. This category shows all of the newest vape trends and products that recently hit the market. The pricing on this website is very reasonable, and even with shipping you can get vape hardware for the same price you would find in a store. They also have a blog section called “Vaper Circle,” which they update regularly covering reviews and trends in the vape industry.

We like to compare our business model at Cartridge Supply Co. to the Costco of the vape hardware industry. We specialize in batteries and cartridges (from glass to full ceramic). At Cartridge Supply you can get guaranteed low prices for the best quality vape cartridges in the industry. The items sold on our site are sold in bulk which get you insanely cheap prices. For example, you can get 100 premium ceramic vape cartridges for only $180 (that comes out to $1.80 per cartridge). For comparison, most cartridges cost around $10 at a single unit retail price. Cartridge Supply is perfect if you want to stock up on high quality vape hardware for the lowest prices. It is also great if you and some friends want to go in on some vape hardware together.

When buying any sort of vape hardware product, it is essential that you are buying from a reliable source. All of the products at Cartridge Supply Co. are ASTM certified, meaning they meet the international technical and safety standards for vape hardware. All of the products are inspected twice, and there is a 100% replacement guarantee. This means that you can get a full replacement of your product for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with the original.

Eight Vape

Eight Vape is also one of our favorite vape hardware websites. From coils, atomizers, mouth pieces, to batteries, eight vape truly has it all. The prices are very fair, and you even get 10% off your first order if you sign up for the email newsletter. The best feature about Eight Vape is their extensive list of e-liquid flavors. They sell over 40 different flavors of e-liquid, including exotic flavors such as S’mores, Orange Soda, and Donut. If you are interested in trying a new e-liquid flavor, we certainly recommend checking out eight vape.