510 Thread vs. Pod Vapes: which are better?

Posted by Cody on Jul 17th 2020

Today we are going to review one of the longest debated questions in the vaping community: 510 Thread vs. Pod vapes. We will briefly describe the function of each and then explain to you which one we think is better.

What exactly is a 510 Thread battery?

If you read are recent article how to pick the best 510 thread battery, you would know that 510 thread batteries are the industry standard for vape batteries. They got their name because the battery has 10 threads alongs the surface that are approximately 0.5mm long. These threads allow 510 thread batteries to screw in to just about any type of vape. Since the 510 thread battery is compatible with almost every type of vape, it is no surprise that the battery has become the industry standard. 510 thread batteries are also popular because they feature a usb charging port which makes it extremely easy to charge. 510 Threads and vapes typically use vape oil that has a hight vegetable glycerin (VG) level. This allows you to blow clouds that are thicker than other types of smoke clouds. Vape oil usually contains a much lower level of nicotine.

What are pod vapes?

Contrary to 510 Thread, pod vapes are cartridges that hold vape oil that are attached to a battery. The pod vape and battery combine to make a very simple 2 part system. Pod vapes can be reusable or disposable depending on the brand. The pod vape holds the oil, coil, and wick. Unlike the 510 thread battery that screws the vape together, this simple system usually attaches to the battery through a magnet. In general, pod vapes usually have more powerful batteries that last longer than the 510 thread.

Pod vapes are typically used with salt e-liquid. This salt e-liquid has a very high nicotine content (comparable to cigarettes). Pod vapes are known for being much rougher on your throat.

510 Thread vs. Pod Vapes --> which are better?

The answer to this question depends heavily on the type of smoker. Pod vapes are typically used by people that are heavy cigarette smokers. Since Pod vapes are comparable to cigarettes, many people transition to pod vapes in order to try and quick smoking cigs. While some cigarette smokers do use 510 Thread, most users of the 510 thread are cannabis smokers. 510 Thread definitely gets points for being so versatile and compatible with so many different kinds of vapes. With this one battery you can test out many different types of smoking experience.

As someone who has never been a fan of cigarettes, I personally think the 510 Thread is a much better smoking experience. The hits are much smoother and easier on your throat. This is not to say that Pod Vapes are not enjoyable. In fact, if you are a cigarette smoker looking to maybe quit, we highly recommend testing out Pod Vapes as a possible alternative.